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No quality product is ever cheap. If you think  THE EDGE is like the local gym, think again. Quality training facilities run their gyms so that all clients get hands on, personal training in a group setting each time they walk in the door. At THE EDGE, your workouts are planned ahead of time and pre-programmed, so you don’t have to guess at what to do. You will be run through group sessions, instructed warm-ups; coached through skills or strength sessions prior to the workout, where you will receive feedback and correction the entire time, and a post workout stretch session. You are coached, and trained.
We currently offer a monthly unlimited rate.



Training Fundamentals with Mary Wheat:$125 – Includes First month.
The first week of Training Fundamentals is mandatory.
Training Fundamentals is scheduled by appointment
Strength and Training with Mary Wheat:
$75 / Month after completion of the Fundamentals Class and the first month of training.
Training Fundamentals is scheduled by appointment. This 8 day class is REQUIRED for all new members who do not have significant lifting experience. The Fundamentals Class must be completed prior to joining group training sessions at THE EDGE. There are no refunds if membership is discontinued after the Training Fundamentals Class!