Introductory Tai Chi

May 30, 6pm and 7pm

The Instructor:

These classes will be led by Shifu Andrew Plitt (4th Duan and Advanced Level Instructor). Shifu Plitt studied traditional Chinese martial arts and Qi Gong in China. He earned his 4th Duan rank and advanced level teaching certification during his most recent trip to China and he was recently inducted into the EUSAIMAA’s Black Belt Hall of Fame. He teaches weekly classes in Amador County and is offering these classes to help empower people to improve their health by using exercises that have been used to maintain health in China for centuries. Shifu Plitt’s passion is to help people improve their health and right now he does that by teaching and by offering health products, that help simplify healthy choices, on Amador County’s Online Health Food Store ( He is currently going to school, working toward becoming a naturopathic doctor.