May Newsletter

May 7th, 2015

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May Newsletter


PULL UP YOUR BOOT STRAPS!!! The end of the school year is always crazy! And that’s an understatement. Here is what you need to know at CFRE for the next couple of months.


100 MILES IN MAY Friday May 1st will be day #1 of the 100 Miles in May challenge. You guessed it, if you choose; you will run/jog/speed walk 100 miles over the course of the month. I can’t think of a better time to add more cardio to your fitness regimen. If you combine these miles with your workouts and clean eating…Look out! Guys You’ll be sportin a Speedo and Ladies you’ll be bikini ready  ***This challenge should not take the place of your normal WOD. It is in addition to it. Sign up with Coach Wheat to participate. Here are your options: 3.2 miles a day for 31 days (this equals 99.2 we’ll add 1 mile on a given day) 3.8 miles a day for 26 days, Mondays through Saturdays (this equals 98.8 so we’ll add 1.2 miles on a given day) 5 miles a day for 20 days, Mondays through Fridays starting Monday May4th


MONDAY MAY 4TH CrossFit RUGGED EDGE brings to you, CrossFit PRE-SCHOOL, CrossFit KIDS and CrossFit TEENS The cost for these programs is $50 a month per child/student. CrossFit PRE-SCHOOL will be on TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS from 10:30am to 11:15am 3-5 years. CrossFit KIDS and CrossFit TEENS, MONDAYS through FRIDAYS 3:30pm to 4:30pm 5 years through high school. In an effort to provide the best programming for our adults and our youth we will be designating the 3:30pm class time for our Youth program. Adults please make an effort to attend any of the 7 class times throughout the day. In the event that 3:30 is the only time you can get your WOD on…it’s ok. We won’t turn you away. Details pertaining to all the programming for our youth are attatched.


FIRE PIT FRIDAY MAY 8TH 6PM Hill Billy Hamburgers are on the menu. Please bring 1/2 cup of each of onions, potatoes and carrots per person. We will provide s’mores, drinks and beef! “It’s what’s for dinner” Bring a chair to hang out Fireside.


CLOTHING SWAP Have you lost weight since you’ve been at CFRE? Well done! You’re not the only one and peoples pants are literally falling off!!! Bring all of your clothes that don’t fit anymore to the gym this week and next week. At our FIRE PIT FRIDAY, you can pick out some clothes that hopefully fit until you lose weight again.


HOODIE PRE-ORDER If you would love a hoodie with our gym logo on it…You can now pre-order your size and choice of color. Hoodies are $40 with the RE logo on the front and the CrossFit RUGGED EDGE Jackson Ca. (Mountain logo) on the back. See Coach Wheat to order.


NEW CLASS!!! “DEEP STRETCH” starts in May on Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 7:30pm. This class will be a combo of yoga, Pilates and mobility. I know every one of you need this class. This is the missing link. It will improve your fitness and performance. It will prevent injury. Come prepared to breath, relax, and maybe even fall asleep


CFRE HERO WEEK This may be one of the most meaningful weeks we have here at CFRE. The week leading up to Memorial Day, we will challenge ourselves and each other by honoring the men and women who have served our great country with 7 HERO WODS. We as coaches will be strategic in choosing each WOD. There will be a small reward for those of you who complete the task. The greater reward will be in the depth of each workout remembering those who have fallen. BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE, WE ARE FREE. PAUSE….. We are pausing because the first week of June is the last week of school and all graduations. There will be nothing major going on at the gym during this week. We will conduct a normal class schedule.


WATER WODS This is our third summer of WATER WODS. These are some of my most favorite workouts. I am determining the start dates and schedule this month and will let you all know asap. These classes should be two nights a week at the Ione pool.


DESTINATION FIRE PIT FRIDAY AND CAMP OUT Join the CFRE crew for the weekend right in our own back yard at Bear River Friday June 12th through Sunday June 14th. We’ll collect as many toys (kayaks, paddle boards, boats etc.) as we can and take over. Get work off. Please sign up. We’ll try to get a group camp site and rate. Starting off the summer right! HIKE, FIELD TRIPS AND MORE We have multiple hikes, trail runs and field trips planned for the summer. Some of these may turn into overnighters. Dates, duration and details will be determined as we get closer. Some of these hikes are great for adventurers of all ages and others are not…If you have questions about levels of difficulty ask Coach Wheat. Our list includes and is not limited to: Folsom Lake hike, swim and In-N-Out Burger Lake Margaret hike and swim Showers Lake hike (some of the best views in NorCal) Blue Lakes hike and swim Woods Lake and Winnemucca hike (Woods water is cold, Winnemucca water is freezing) Round Top is the next lake over the pass and a sweet place to camp if you would like. Lake Tahoe camp, hike, swim and fun fun fun!!! Horse Tail Falls hike (swimming for the brave) Sky High (Trampoline Warehouse) Granit Arch (Rock Climbing Gym) Sun Splash (Water Park)


To all of you who are new to CrossFit RUGGED EDGE, we welcome you. This is a very exciting time! We couldn’t be more happy to have you part of the CFRE family. To those of you veterans, thank you for your commitment and support. We are grateful for each of you. Here’s to the next couple of months…


This is who we are.

Coach Wheat

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