Duel Competition

I’m so excited to be bringing this next offer and challenge to our gym.

This will be a duel competition. One competition will be for total weight loss, “THE EDGE BIGGEST LOSER” the other will be for percentages of least body fat to most lean muscle mass, “THE EDGE LEANEST MAN AND WOMAN.”

The weight loss competition, “THE EDGE BIGGEST LOSER” will be open to the public with individuals who are not current members sponsored to compete. (If you are a member of THE EDGE already with excessive weight to lose and you would like to compete contact Coach Wheat) These individuals must apply and then be chosen for available spots. If you have a friend or family member whom you think would be great contestants please encourage them to submit an application. The competition will be free for all “THE EDGE BIGGEST LOSER” contestants.

To apply for “THE EDGE BIGGEST LOSER” Please submit a written essay and video stating why you believe that you should be a contestant.

We strongly encourage all of our members to compete in the “THE EDGE LEANEST MAN AND WOMEN”.

We are in the process now of recruiting local businesses to sponsor each “BIGGEST LOSER” contestant. We are looking for 10 businesses to each sponsor 1 contestant. Please spread the word and refer any potential sponsors to Coach Wheat.

The competitions begin on Wednesday September 3rd (notice that this date is strategic, falling after Labor Day Weekend). Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing, which is the most accurate method, will be coming to THE EDGE to facilitate getting stats of all participants. The competitions will conclude exactly 12 weeks after on November 25th, two days before Thanksgiving ☺ Body fat will be tested at the beginning and end of the competition to reveal the winners. ALL Participants are responsible for the cost of testing. You do not have to participate in the challenge to be tested.

ALL contestants must cleared by a Physician.
ALL contestants will be photographed at the beginning and end of the competitions.
ALL contestants will weigh in once a week at the same time every week.
ALL contestants will participate in a nutritional class at the weigh in each week.
ALL contestants must workout 4 days a week at regular scheduled class times.
ALL contestants must commit to THE EDGE diet plan.
These rules are not negotiable. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.

There will be four winners. One man and one woman for “THE EDGE BIGGEST LOSER” and one man and one woman for “THE EDGE LEANEST MAN AND WOMAN” Prizes will include and are NOT limited to a full year membership to
THE EDGE for all four winners.
Let’s become the best that we can be!