Jun 11th, 2017

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CrossFit Rugged Edge – CrossFit


5 minutes of Light Cardio (No Measure)

Row, Jump Rope, Go for a jog (if it’s not raining), etc…

Warm Up 102 (No Measure)

1 time through:

1 length of the Floor:

High Knees

Butt Kickers

Alternating Toe Touches


Walking Lunges

Side Lunges



Mobility 101 (No Measure)

Complete the following progression: Squat stretch, Long Lunge Right, Pigeon Pose Right, Squat Stretch, Long Lunge Left, Pigeon Pose Left, Squat Stretch, Rollie Pollie, Cross-legged Stretch Right, Lower Back Stretch Right, Cross-legged Stretch Left, Lower Back Stretch Left. Hold all positions of the progression for 10 seconds.

Shoulder Mobility 101 (No Measure)

10 Small & Big Shoulder Circles (Fwd&Bkwd), 20 Over and Backs, 20 PVC Pass Throughs, 10 PVC Around the Worlds (R&L), 20 PVC Shoulder Press, 20 PVC Push Jerks.
Pick either mobility 101 or shoulder mobility 101 to incorporate! Do both if time allows


Pullup/ Bar Muscle up training

Practice Pullups!

if you normally do ring rows:

practice jumping pull ups/band assisted pull ups

if you normally do jumping/band assisted pull ups:

practice strict

Strict pull ups:

practice kip

everyone should be able to do a variation of this

Bar muscle ups:

if you are ready to learn/can do a bar muscle up, practice those!
10-15 minutes working on pull ups or muscle ups. For those of you working on muscle ups, focus on technique and form! Follow the above link for a quick review of muscle ups and try to apply to your attempts/reps. DO NOT BURN YOURSELF OUT ON THESE! Perform 5 sets of 2-3 attempts/reps at a time and rest for a minute or two. Only log full, total reps (ie: strict/kipping/butterfly pull ups and successful muscle ups)


Back Squat


Karen (Time)

For Time:
150 Wall-Ball Shots, 20# / 14#

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