CFRE WOD 3/27/14

Mar 26th, 2014

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CFRE WOD 3/27/14

Main – CrossFit

Warm Up, Strength, Metcon.

Warming Up (No Measure)

10 reps of the following: Wrist Circles, Elbow Circles, Shoulder Circles, Over & Backs, Upright & Bent Torso Rotation, Leg Swings (front & back), Leg Swings (side to side), Internal/External Arm Rotation, Bow & Bend, Hip Circles, Iron Cross, Scorpion, Walking Lunge with Twist, Spiderman Lunge, One-Legged RDL + Leg Swing, Cossack.
Following the initial warm up, a barbell warm up will be done as further prep for the strength portion of the WOD.

Clean and Jerk (7 sets of 1)

use a moderately heavy weight for all 7 sets. focus on mechanics!

Death by Clean and Jerk (m 135, w 95) (AMRAP – Reps)

with a running clock, at zero or minute 1, perform 1 clean and jerk then rest for the rest of that minute. when the clock strikes “1:00”, which is the beginning of minute 2, perform 2 clean and jerks then rest for the rest of the minute. as the clock ascends, you will follow each minute with the corresponding number of clean and jerks. your goal is to go as far as you can. when you can’t complete the number of clean and jerks in whatever minute you make it to, then you are finished.

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