CFRE WOD 11/3/15

Nov 2nd, 2015

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CFRE WOD 11/3/15

CrossFit Rugged Edge – CrossFit

Warm Up 101 (No Measure)

2 sets, 1 length of the turf of the following:

High Knees

Butt Kickers

Alternating Toe Touches


Walking Lunges

Perfect Stretch

Jump Rope/Double Under Practice (No Measure)

Accumulate 10 minutes of Jumping Rope combining work on Single Unders and Double Unders. Work on keeping your position the same for Single Unders and Double Unders. Try not to kick your heels up when you do Double Unders. Remember to be smooth and steady and work on efficiency of movement.

Shoulder Press (2×5@55, 5×2@85)

CFRE Metcon 11/3/15 (Time)

For Time: 25-20-15-10-5 reps of Med Ball Tosses over Pullup Bar (20,14)(Tallest height for men, Short height for women)(1=1), Situps, KBS (53, 35).
For the Med Ball Tosses over the Pullup Bar RX is simply to get the ball over the bar!!! The ball can land on the ground on the other side of the bar or be caught on the other side of the bar to be tossed back. Either way is RX!

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