CFRE WOD 11/18/15

Nov 17th, 2015

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CFRE WOD 11/18/15

CrossFit Rugged Edge – CrossFit

5 to 10 minute Light Cardio (No Measure)

Row, Jump Rope, Go for a jog (if it’s not raining), etc…

Warming Up (No Measure)

10 reps of the following: Wrist Circles, Elbow Circles, Shoulder Circles, Over & Backs, Upright & Bent Torso Rotation, Leg Swings (front & back), Leg Swings (side to side), Internal/External Arm Rotation, Bow & Bend, Hip Circles, Iron Cross, Scorpion, Walking Lunge with Twist, Spiderman Lunge, One-Legged RDL + Leg Swing, Cossack.

Deadlift (2×10 with empty barbell, 2×5@55%, work up to 1RM)

CFRE Metcon 11/18/15 (No Measure)

3 Rounds: 15 WBS (20, 14), 15 Med Ball Cleans (20, 14), 15 Supermans, 15 T2B, 15 Burpees.
This metcon has “no measure” so go at a smooth pace!!! It is not to be a sprint!!! Look at this metcon as a finisher to your 1RM Deadlift… Loosen up the posterior chain and legs a bit, work the core some and polish off with some burpees of course :) :) :)

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