CFRE Hump Day WOD 6/17/15

Jun 16th, 2015

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CFRE Hump Day WOD 6/17/15

CrossFit Rugged Edge – CrossFit

The Rocky (No Measure)

500 Singles… Jump Rope

100 Jumping Jacks

50 Mountain Climbers… 1R + 1L= 1

Mobility 101 (No Measure)

Complete the following progression: Squat stretch, Long Lunge Right, Pigeon Pose Right, Squat Stretch, Long Lunge Left, Pigeon Pose Left, Squat Stretch, Rollie Pollie, Cross-legged Stretch Right, Lower Back Stretch Right, Cross-legged Stretch Left, Lower Back Stretch Left. Hold all positions of the progression for 10 seconds.

Deadlift (3@55, 2×3@70, 2×3@75)

Alexander (Time)

5 rounds for time of:

31 Back Squats, 135#

12 Power Cleans, 185#
In honor of Staff Sgt. Alexander G. Povilaitis, 47, of Dawsonville, Georgia, was killed in action on May 31, 2012
To learn more about Alexander click here
RX weight for Women is 95# for Back Squat and 115# for Power Cleans!

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