Jun 29th, 2017

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CrossFit Rugged Edge – CrossFit


5 minutes of Light Cardio (No Measure)

Row, Jump Rope, Go for a jog (if it’s not raining), etc…

Warming Up (No Measure)

10 reps of the following: Wrist Circles, Elbow Circles, Shoulder Circles, Over & Backs, Upright & Bent Torso Rotation, Leg Swings (front & back), Leg Swings (side to side), Internal/External Arm Rotation, Bow & Bend, Hip Circles, Iron Cross, Scorpion, Walking Lunge with Twist, Spiderman Lunge, One-Legged RDL + Leg Swing, Cossack.

Warm Up 102 (No Measure)

1 time through:

1 length of the Floor:

High Knees

Butt Kickers

Alternating Toe Touches


Walking Lunges

Side Lunges




Snatch (5@70, 4@75, 3@80, 2@85, 1@90)


25 Min EMOM (AMRAP – Rounds)

Even: 7 box jumps 24/20

Odd: 7 Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups
RX Scoring is 1 Point per minute if you complete the 7 Reps to RX requirements. Must complete all 25 rounds to RX. All 7 reps must be completed within a min for all 25 minute.

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