Concerning Kids
  2. We do not provide daycare for children.
  3. We have created a space for our little ones, “THE KID PEN!” Please clean up after your child if you utilize this space. That way, it’s ready for the next group of kiddos.
  4. Kids are welcome in the gym, however, with certain restrictions. If your kid is a complete spaz or distraction, you will be asked to deal with it or leave for the day.
  5. Children are not allowed on the gym floor during active workout sessions. This is for obvious safety and insurance reasons.
  6. Kids are not allowed to workout, play on or with gym equipment when they visit the gym.
  7. Older or responsible kids who can sit quietly by and occupy themselves, may sit out of the way, while their parent(s) work out. In these instances, the child cannot be disruptive to the training process or become a hazard on the floor. If this is the case, you will be asked to leave or find supervision for the child.
  8. Kids are not to be left unsupervised at THE EDGE at anytime!